Learning the Tools of Online Marketing

Emile/ October 10, 2018/ Email Marketing, Online Marketing/

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, it is important to learn the main tools which will be used on a daily basis with your clients to get their websites ranking higher on search engines, and more visible to their target audiences.

SEO is one of the main tools you’ll be using, choosing appropriate keywords which will be useful for the products and services you sell.  Once the right keywords have been chosen you can begin to edit the title and heading tags, which have quite a strong effect on the ranking of your pages.  The right heading tags will make a big difference to the overall ranking of the pages.

Social media marketing is a relatively new skill to learn, with social networks becoming more and more popular all the time. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, alongside LinkedIn and Instagram are important networks to master, as many things can be done to promote businesses on these social networks.

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