Explaining SEO to Your Clients

Emile/ September 20, 2018/ Email Marketing, Online Marketing/

You have just gotten a new client interested in your website design service. One of the services you offer is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Unfortunately, your new client does not know anything about SEO. Here are some tips for explaining SEO to your clients.

The Absolute Basics

Before you go ahead and start to explain the complexities of SEO, you need to know how much your client understands about the internet in general. Some clients are pretty au fait with online worlds and know quite a lot about how things work, others not so much! It is important that you consider how much your client knows about the web, as for some, terms such as “keywords” and “links” might be confusing, whereas you do not want to insult the intelligence of your more up to date clients….

Different Learning Styles

People learn in different ways, and it is worth using a range of learning techniques when explaining SEO.  Some people like to simply listen, so phone calls and video calls will be good for these.  Others like to see what you are talking about, so sharing a screen with them while you explain would work for these.


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