The Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

Emile/ February 3, 2017/ Email Marketing/

Marketing through direct email communication is becoming a little outdated nowadays, with many people choosing to connect with companies and brands through social media instead.  There are stull a great number of people who sign up for email communication though, so it is important to know how to use this tool effectively.

Get permission to send marketing communications!  Obviously, you’ll have gotten permission to start the campaign, but it is important to make it as appealing as possible to get people to sign up.  A simple box with the words “enter your email address for updates” probably won’t make people want to get more information, however a strong call to action could help out!  Make it seem a good offer to pass on the email address by offering something in exchange, perhaps a discount code or a free catalogue.

Set the expectation: it is up to you to set the precedent for your email marketing – with a strong call to action and a great follow up email, you have got a good campaign, but if you promise once a week emails, but send daily, you are going off the rails.

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